ALBUM: Believe it to Life

Believe it to Life

Heather Powell-Believe it to Life
Released in 2012, Heather Powell’s debut album ‘Believe it to Life’, received critical acclaim and is available for purchase from many places including: Amazon CDBabyiTunes, and CDUniverse.

You can preview the album in the my music player on the site,or add my playlist to your favorites on soundcloud or bandcamp??

“There is no doubt that Heather Powell is a talented singer, but she is more than that. In BELIEVE IT TO LIFE we are able to see that she is able to take what are really just words and make them something real for the listener. You hear what she is singing and it becomes something you believe for yourself. That is not just a talent. I believe it is really the epitome of a true gift.”

– C. A. Webb – Radio Host for “Conversations LIVE! ”

“Love the CD! Arrangements are very smart. Great stuff!”

 Ben Toth – Composer/Musical Director

“Heather’s voice is beautiful…love it, love it, love it!”

– Barbara Sherry – Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, Atlanta, GA



Lyrics by song

1. Bring on the Rain — [click for lyrics]

2. Runnin’ Away — [click for lyrics]

3. Never — [click for lyrics]

4. Every Little Bit — [click for lyrics]

5. Whiskey Man — [click for lyrics]

6. Carolina Road Song — [click for lyrics]

7. Lay Me Down — [click for lyrics]

8. Ordinary World — [click for lyrics]

9. Blue Light of the Fire — [click for lyrics]

10. Distance — [click for lyrics]

11. Long Gray Line — [click for lyrics]

12. Fight for Me — [click for lyrics]

13. Believe it to Life — [click for lyrics]